Express Refreshing Cleanse Facial



An expressed clean and fresh facial skincare gives your skin a clear, pure complexion followed by a beck, shoulder, head and facial massage which immediately relieve stress and reduce tensions.

Purity Clean Extraction Facial

This treatment is suitable for acne and hormonal breakout skins. It starts with a deep cleanse and steam which allows the skin pores to open up, following our therapist will remove the impurities and blackheads. And then a tea tree mask will be applied to help heal the skin with its powerful antiseptic effect.



Deep Cleanse Aromatic Hydrating Facial

This treatment includes deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation, extraction (if needs), facial hydrating mask and massage throughout facial, head, neck and shoulder. It is effective for restoring your vitality, improving dry skin, relieving stress and headaches. With this treatment, you will feel refresh again. 



Anti-Wrinkle Scraping Facial

The Chinese traditional Gua-sha (scraping) technique is applied to enhance the circulation of facial skin. It makes skin naturally tighten, smooths wrinkles, followed we will apply BE.ST Organic skin care lotion which gives you skin a smooth and glowing tone.